The Subway® Story
Flavour meets freshness.
At Subway®, your favourite subs are fresh-prepared just the way
you like them, right before your eyes. From our dedication to
Canadian grown ingredients to our commitment to bringing you the
most quality sandwiches possible, as well as our community driven
initiatives, there's a lot to be excited about.
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Canadian Grown
We have an appetite for Canadian ingredients. That's why we partner with
many Canadian family-run farms to ensure the best quality when it comes to
our meat. 100% of our turkey, steak and roast beef come from animals raised
in Canada, and we always source home-grown produce during the local
growing season. A fact we wear like a badge of honour.
Canadian Produce
We source a variety of homegrown produce during peak harvest
seasons. Explore our map to see where we source and when we harvest.
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Tomatoes: August - October
Red Onions: September - February
Cucumbers: February - November
Green Peppers: August - October
Apples: August - November
Did you know?
All our tomatoes,
cucumbers, peppers, and
onions are all sliced fresh
in restaurant daily.
100% Canadian
All our turkey, steak and roast beef come from animals raised in Canada.
Genoa Salami
Shaved Steak
Roast Beef
Commitment to Quality
We're always looking for new ways to improve our menu.
Check out the healthy highlights on our road to bringing you great food.
All of our nutrition
information is made
available online
8 sandwiches
offered have less
than 6 grams of fat
Removed all trans
fats from our menu
Sodium reduction
initiative begins
No high-fructose
corn syrup in all
Subway® products
All breads contain
no artificial colours,
flavours or
Turkeys, roast beef,
meatballs, chicken,
shaved steak and prime
rib are free of artificial
colours and flavours
Goal for all of our
meats to come from
100% Canadian
farm-raised animals
Community Driven
For us, it doesn't end at our food. We are committed to doing
everything we can to support the community around us, from our
environmental initiatives to partnerships.
All our paper products are made with
recycled fiber or certified sustainable pulp.
100% compostable
30~40% recycled
New 6" subwrap is
estimated to eliminate
519,000 pounds of
material annually
100% recycled fibre
Soy-based or
water-based links
Salad bowls and lids and
catering trays and lids
95% recycled materials
*This is the equivalent of
diverting 20 million 20 oz
plastic bottles from
landfills in one year
Social Impact
On World Sandwich Day 2017, we partnered with
Food Banks Canada to supply 1,000,000 meals to
Canadians in need - just one of many social initiatives
we participate in across the country.
Subway® donated the monetary equivalent of a meal. $1 helps provide 3
meals secured by Food Banks Canada on behalf of local member food banks.
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